Capoeira in Portland, OR

Classes are taught by professor Vira Lata a graduated student of Mestre Urubu Malandro. We welcome anyone who wants to learn, train and play! 

Capoeira Vira Lata is committed to building a strong community of capoeiristas as martial artists, musicians, and friends.


What is Capoeira?

A Celebrated Afro-Brazilian Martial Art

Capoeira is a Brazilian art form which has elements of a fight and a dance, and a complex philosophy of respect, challenge, and resiliency. Capoeira is music and movement. It is a fight built on a foundation of ritual. It is movement conversation between players in which every game is unique. Capoeira é tudo que a boca come. Each game is based on the player's abilities and mood, the music, and the energy of the roda. Exchanges of kicks, headbutts, strikes, takedowns, and acrobatics can each be very real, or very playful.


While Capoeira's origins and early history are not exact, it is know that African slaves in Brazil created and nurtured the art as a form of self-defense and resistance. Capoeira has evolved throughout its history, and today many lineages of Mestres teach capoeira around the world.

Open Trainings

Thursday Evenings
Brooklyn Park
SE 10th Avenue & SE Haig St, Portland, OR 97202

Each class will consist of warm ups & stretching, capoeira movements, and music. The best way to learn capoeira is to do it! Many movements require strength, body awareness, timing, flexibility, and balance that are not easy to master right away. The movements and music of Capoeira do not come naturally to everyone, but the energy of capoeira will win you over!

What to Wear

 Wear clothing you're comfortable moving around in! We suggest pants and a shirt you can tuck in. We will be moving on the floor as well as going upside down. Shoes are optional but please make sure they will not scuff the floor.


Payment can be made before or after class. Someone will check in with you and make sure that you are all set! We accept cash, check and can easily run your card.


Drop-in : $15

10 Class Card: $125


                                      "Vem jogar mais eu,
                          vem jogar mais eu mano meu"

Come play with me, come play with me my brother


Capoeira Lyric


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